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  • Business Philosophy
    With fruits,
    Cherish the connection with nature,
    And build the beautiful and healthy future.
  • Missions
    Challenge the world with infinite Japanese agriculture.
  • Slogan
    100Farmers˙>100 Shops˙>100Smiles
    Cheer up 100 people through 100 shops by 100 farmers.
  • Origin of Company Name
    “Ka” means fruits; we grow trees with abundant fruits.
    “Raku” means wonderful melody; we play harmonic music and enjoy the life of affinity with friends due to trees.
    Meanwhile, the brand KARAKU also bear the responsibility of introducing the premium fruits from Japan and the meanings of Japanese culture and history to the world.

About Us

Company Name
Representative Chairperson
Eitaro Doi
1862-2 Asabara Kurashiki, Okayama 710-0007 Japan
Business Hours
on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Grow peaches all year round with all our heart.

Plan, produce and sell the peach products.

Operate and manage the farms by the system of proprietors.

Tours of harvesting peaches (June through August in fruit season)

Peach café & fresh marche.

History of KARAKU INC.

History of TOURIAN

In late 1945, our grandparents started growing grapes (Campbell Early).
In mid 1955, on a farm of about 60 hectares, we started growing Okubo white peaches.
In 1987, our parents inherited the business and expanded the farm of growing peaches due to the policy of reducing rice production.
In order to find a better cultivation method of delicious peaches, we have tried the Okayama method and Naganobevel method. In 1998, we found a natural cultivation method, which grows peaches of high quality and durability with less pruning and brings the potential of peach trees into full play.
We applied the Algit agriculture method of natural algae, full of vitamins and minerals, to implement the ecological farming.
We started with Bakture agriculture for activating microorganisms and vitalizing soil.


May, 2015
Started the development of Suijyuku method and Suijyuku products.
November, 2015
Inherited the peach farm TOURIAN of 60-year history and established the agriculture production company, KARAKU INC.
February, 2018
Approval of the improvement plans of agricultural management (Kurashiki City).
February, 2018
Suijyuku Peach was awarded the Grand Prix of new food product competition in the 23rdGourmet & Dining Style Show in the spring of 2018.
May, 2018
Funded by the Tomato Initiative Support Fund (Case No. 4)
June, 2018
Suijyuku Peach was awarded the local best prize of the 10th JR West Japan Sunny Hometown Competition.
August, 2018
Approval of the comprehensive business plans (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan)
September, 2019
Started test export to Hongkong (Hongkong Food Expo, Japan's Food Export Fair)
November, 2018
Started selling products of SUI JYUKU brand in Tenmaya,Takashimaya,Daiwa Department Store, etc.
November, 2018
Debut in theLightning Talk of 2018 Tech Planter.
November, 2018
Awarded the Grand Prix of the Okayama Innovation Contest (study tour to Silicon Valley and bonus of 2 million yen).
November, 2018
Granted the domestic trademark "SUI JYUKU" brand and applied for the trademark "KARAKU" in Hongkong and Taiwan
January, 2019
Finalist of 2018 Business Contest Okayama (the most supported prize, 24 companies)
April, 2019
Product sold-out of SUI JYUKU brand in the first year (domestic sale of 3,000 pieces)
May, 2019
Opening of KARAKU LABO (research laboratory for food processing)

Education and Experience of Representative

I was born in 1975 in Shiso City, Hyogo and graduated from Okayama Shoka University.
As for the operation and management of food shops, I worked in a production company in Okayama, which expanded business to overseas market, and in the planning office of a paper container manufacturing company. I am a designer with experience of more than 10 years. About 4 years ago, I inherited the farm TOURIAN of 60-year history from my wife’s family.
In November of 2016, we established KARAKU INC. and obtained the farmer’s certificate. Our comprehensive business plans were approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.
“We hope that everyone can taste the deliciousness of white peaches, the pride of Okayama, all year round” Based on this idea, we challenged the issue of long-term preservation.
Last year, our products debut in in theLightning Talk of 2018 Tech Planter. We studied in OIP and were awarded the Grand Prix of the Okayama Innovation Contest.
We also won the opportunity of a study tour to Silicon Valley. In the 2018 BusinessPlan Contest Okayama(NEWORK EXPO), we won the most supported prize by the support of 24 companies.
From last November, we started selling our product “Golden Peach”. In the first year, 3,000 peaches were sold out in the domestic market. We established KARAKU LABO by combining the fruit processing factory and aimed to produce 5,000 products this year. We started exporting our products to Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore.

Refer to the PDF file for more details.

Company Name
Sale Representative
Eitaro Doi
1862-2 Asabara Kurashiki, Okayama 710-0007 Japan
Plan, produce and sell the peach products.
As the label on products.
Domestic market in Japan.
Delivery Time
・Within 7 day after purchase.
・Delivery within 5 business days after the bank payment is confirmed.
※Because of the harvesting of fresh fruit, shipments will be sent in the order of purchases, so the delivery time cannot be specified. We apologize for any inconvenience.
※Shipments with shipping time labels will be sent afterthe described time in order.
Delivery Fare
・One piece of shipment for 800 yen and two for 1,200 yen.
・If the product label says “Delivery Fare Included”, the fare is included in the price.
※For Okinawa, north to Tohoku, Hokkaido and outlying islands, additional shipping cost may be needed.
Additional charge other than product price.
・Sale Tax
The price on the label contains sale tax.
・Bank Transfer Fee
The bank transfer fee will be paid by customers.
・Fee of payment on deliverya
Below 10 thousand yen:330yen.
Between 10 thousand yen and 30 thousand yen:440yen.
Between 30 thousand yen and 100 thousand yen:660yen.
Please pay the fee to the delivery person.
・Delivery Fare
As the above description.
Payment Method
A.Bank Transfer/Postal Remittance
Japan Post Bank

Japan Post Bank (from other banks)
Account Type: Regular
Account: 3954500
Name of Receiver:KARAKU (KA

Branch Name: Hachioji branch(063)
Account Type: Regular
Account: 1500612
Name of Receiver:KARAKU (KA

Chugoku Bank
Branch Name: Kurashiki North Branch(200)
Account Type: Regular
Account: 1427626
Name of Receiver: KARAKU (KA
B.Payment on Delivery
C.Payment by Credit Card
Return Policy
・If you want to return, please contact us within 3 days after receiving the shipments.
※Based on the nature of the products, we will not accept returned products due to customer’s subjective judgement.
Cancellation Policy
In principle, we do not accept cancellation due to customer’s subjective judgement. We apologize for any inconvenience.
We only pay for shipping costof returned products for the following situations.
Please contact us within 7 days after receiving the shopments.

・Defective products.
・Damaged products.
・Different products from the order.

In case the product cannot be replaced, please contact us, we will refund the fee, but only the goods and shipment cost paid by the customers (the payment on delivery includes the payment of the delivery fee and other handling fees).
For delivery to the designated receiving location (including the customer's absence), if the delivery is not completed due to customer’s conditions, the transaction is deemed to be cancelled.
In this case, the company can sell the productsor dispose the products in other ways, and ask the customer to pay the cancellation fee, the actual cost of storage and the delivery fee.
If you purchase by the payment on delivery, regardless of whether there is a valid reason, if the shipments are delivered to the designated receiving place (including the customer's absence) within one week, if the shipments are not delivered due to the customer’s conditions, and if the total amount of payment, shipment cost and fee of payment on deliveryare not paid, the transaction will be cancelled. If the delivery is requested again, it will not be accepted in principle.
In this case, the company can sell the productsor dispose the products in other ways, and ask the customer to pay the cancellation fee.
※Seller's personal information belongs to us.
If you need to reveal the transaction, please contact us immediately.